Who we are & what we do:

The Grand Valley Daylily Society is a non-profit organization which was founded in
January of 1985 by several local daylily enthusiasts. Approximately 40 people joined the
club that first year, and many of them are still actively participating in the club today.

The purpose of the Society, in the words of Article 2 of our Constitution, is "to promote
and encourage the development and improvement of the daylily and to increase interest
therein, as a means of home and civic beautification." We are accomplishing these goals
in a variety of ways. We have provided plants for Habitat Homes and other projects to
showcase the daylily in our community, and we have increased public awareness of the
daylily through floral donations to and upkeep of daylily beds at the Frederik Meijer
Gardens and the Grand Rapids Ronald McDonald House. In July of 1998, we hosted a
Regional Daylily Meeting, and we also host an annual Daylily Show displaying a variety of
daylily blooms to encourage use of the daylily in local gardens and landscaping.

The Society has also developed a plant acquisition program designed to introduce newer
daylily hybrids to our area. The increase of these hybrids is then sold at our annual spring
auctions. Door prize plants which are won at our monthly meetings are also awarded at
this time. In this way, the society can introduce new hybrids to the area while making them
available at prices members can afford.

In addition, the Grand Valley Daylily Society hosts annual spring and fall plant auctions
which are eagerly awaited by all members, and not just daylilies are sold! The auctions
are a means of gaining new plants, sharing of the abundance of one's own, and raising
funds for the benefit of the club. The proceeds are used to subsidize our plant acquisition
program, the printing of our quarterly newsletters, bus trips to daylily hybridizing gardens
or other places of gardening interest, our annual Christmas party, and other activities and
projects as approved by Society membership vote.

The Grand Valley Daylily Society also used funds to become a charter member of the
West Michigan Horticultural Society which is now housed at the Frederick Meijer Gardens.
Many of the daylilies you see there were donated to the Gardens by the Grand Valley
Daylily Society.

When does the Society meet?

The Grand Valley Daylily Society meets the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m.
except for the month of May. Our meetings are held indoors from October through April
and feature a wide variety of daylily and general gardening programs including slide and
Power Point daylily presentations, presentations by out-of-town daylily experts, and
presentations by notable local gardening and horticultural enthusiasts.

In May, we hold our annual spring auction on the second Thursday of the month. This is a
fun and exciting way to kick off the upcoming daylily season! During the summer months
of June, July, and August, Grand Valley Daylily Society members graciously open up their
gardens for summer garden tours, so we can see a wide variety of our favorite flowers in

Our fall auction is held in September, and then it's back indoors for great daylily programs
until May, except for our annual Christmas dinner which is held at a local restaurant the
first Thursday of December.

The public is always invited to join us at our monthly meetings and other club
activities.Watch for our notices in the Grand Rapids Press and in the Advance

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Grand Valley Daylily Society is a 501 (c) 7
non-profit organization created to promote and encourage the development and
improvement of the daylily and to increase interest in its use as a means of home and
civic beautification.
Grand Valley Daylily Society