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February-April 2015
Conifers for Garden
While daylilies are a beautiful
addition to a well-landscaped
garden, one limitation is the 3
month bloom season, provided one
grows an assortment of the early
thru late varieties.  How about a
planting that looks good for all 4
seasons of the year?
On October 1st, at 7 pm in the
downstairs meeting room at
Frederik Meijer Gardens, our own
Steve Smith will introduce us to the
world of Conifers which are cone-
bearing plants such as pines,
spruces, and larch.  Steve is an
active member of the American
Conifer Society and has been
collecting and growing conifers for
20 years.  His PowerPoint
presentation will show us the vast
variety of sizes, foliage colors and
textures, plus overall shapes in the
conifer world.  He will also share
his 'Top Ten Conifers' and pass on
planting and growing tips so we have
a jump start to success in adding
the appropriate conifer or two to
our own gardens.
                                     photo by Ginny Pearce
Heavenly United We Stand
(Gossard 09)  51" scape
Mid  9" flower  DOR  Tet

This daylily will be available
at the May 2016 Auction.
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October 1st
onifers for Garden Connoisseurs
Frederik Meijer Gardens
7:00 p.m.
November 5th
AHS Photography Contest Winners
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Frederik Meijer Gardens
7:00 p.m
December 3
Holiday Party

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